Mallnitz First Conference Statement

First Conference on Cities Providing Health

We met to discuss how to provide health and wellbeing through small cities. We reiterate that health is the main asset of the human being and each individual should be provided the opportunity to attain the highest attainable standard of health.

The environment in which people live and work is critical for health. The community of Mallnitz aims to translate these principles into their planning and community development with the aim of improving health.

We recognise the linkages between health and the environment as part of sustainable development. We also recognise a growing gap between cities that are loosing health and wellbeing and places where individuals can realise their health potential.

Cities such as Mallnitz provide both the environment and the commitment of the community to enable individuals to choose healthy lifestyles.

Mallnitz provides an opportunity for other similar towns and villages and international organizations such as WHO to learn lesson and to develop a network where people can live and realise their health potential .

We therefore express our intension to clarify the defintion of, and develop the concept of, Cities Providing Health.

We invite municipalities in similar settings and with similar principles and aspirations to join the network. As part of this we will start preparatory work ahead of a second conference in 2018.

Mallnitz, 4 November 2017