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Mallnitz, a city situated in the main ridge of the alps with almost a thousand inhabitants, is situated in the heart of Europe, province of Carinthia, Austria at an altitude of 1,200 m.
The Mallnitz surrounding mountains reach an average altitude up to 3,000 m. The highest mountain in Mallnitz is the Hochalmspitze with 3,360 m above sea level and the highest mountain of Austria the Grossglockner with 3.798 m is only a few kilometers away. Being one of the first tourist areas in Austria as a hiking area and then as a ski resort, Mallnitz benefits from an excellent communication infrastructure and has the majority attributes and characteristics of a SMART and also of a HEALTHY city.
One of the important assets is that we live in one of the nicest and the biggest national park in central Europe: Hohe Tauern (1.856 sqkm).