What we are looking for

What we are looking for
In our challenging world the economical impact will drive up our project because we and the network will:
– create a sustainable alternative for the tourist areas
– contribute to the booming of green industries (energy, cars and buses)
– encourage the local eco agricultural production, arts and crafts
– create new demand for new activities, devices and related IT services
– increase general market consumption through the activity of people which live longer
Main actors and key players have their roles and responsibilities:
The local communities as individuals or as NGO’s are the key players in achieving the status, the membership in the network by developing their own policies in accordance with their particular gifts from nature and with the general framework defined in the concept.

We have to get the support from the Governmental entities because our initiative:
– contributes to the decrease of the cost of medical assistance
– reduce the urban pressure by spreading the activities of the older population
– creates jobs (and taxes) and offers a chance for the regions which┬árely on income from their natural and human requested assets

The investors and donors are invited and welcome to support our project and also the rest of the cities which will be in the network for:
– Real estate component – refurbishment of the existing accommodation infrastructure by adapting it for long term stay (45 days recommended) and second stage – new investments
– Infrastructure developments
– Human resource – education, qualification and permanent training
– Research and marketing